Installation & Service for EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnaces

Murphy Coal & Oil Co. is proud to be New England’s Dealer for EnergyLogic waste oil heaters. When you choose an EnergyLogic waste oil furnace from Murphy Coal & Oil Co., you’re choosing a heating solution with superior engineering that’s crafted for optimal performance. These innovative waste oil heaters help to lift the burden of waste oil and transform it into an asset for your company. Murphy Coal & Oil Co. also installs and services complementary products to maximize the efficiency of your EnergyLogic waste oil furnace, such as fuel storage tanks of various sizes, fuel transfer and evacuation systems, and HVLS fans. You can browse our gallery for photos of our installation work. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our EnergyLogic Waste Oil furnaces or to get an installation quote!

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Evacuation System

Furnace, bench tank & bollards inside a home

1000 gallon bulk storage tank


The Benefits of Choosing an EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnace

Choosing EnergyLogic for your waste oil heater comes with a wide variety of benefits beyond the exceptional installation, service, and maintenance you’ll receive from Murphy Coal & Oil Co. These benefits include:

  • An environmentally friendly & energy efficient furnace.
  • A furnace that burns most types of oil, including synthetics, from 5 weight to 90 weight.
  • An advanced heat exchanger design that maximizes heat output while ensuring optimal warmth.
  • An onboard air compressor so you can use your tools & the furnace simultaneously.
  • A tailored solution that’s custom-made for your space.
  • Quick & easy cleaning by your friends at Murphy Coal & Oil Co.

Ready to upgrade your company’s heating experience? Get in touch with the pros at Murphy Coal & Oil Co. to schedule your EnergyLogic waste oil furnace installation now!


How Does a Waste Oil Heater Work?

A waste oil heater works by pumping filtered waste oil into the furnace’s burner system, helping to ensure that it is pre-heated for more complete and even combustion. Once the waste oil is pre-heated, it is sprayed into the blast tube operated by a circulating fan inside the heater’s electric motor. The heated mixture of waste oil and air is ignited by an electrical current and passed over a heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger removes heat from the ignition, and the heat exchanger’s warmth is passed efficiently to cooler air or water passing through the heat exchanger’s other side. All of this heat is vented out to the main space or system to be heated, and leftover gas is vented to the outside of the space by a chimney.

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