Sunfire Heaters in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Are you looking for a heating solution for your MA & RI business that offers low noise, smokeless flame, and no bad smells? Sunfire Heaters are the answer, and Murphy Coal & Oil Co. is your source for professional, experienced Sunfire Heater sales at a price that won’t break the bank. Proudly built in the USA, Sunfire Heaters are used across a wide variety of industrial applications, including construction, agriculture, automotive shops, and more. Get in touch with the pros at Murphy Coal & Oil Co. today about your Sunfire Heaters purchase!


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The Benefits of Sunfire Heaters from Murphy Coal & Oil Co.

Many potential benefits come with choosing Sunfire Heaters sold by Murphy Coal & Oil Co. These include:

  • Quiet operation compared to forced-air torpedo-style heaters
  • A pure, smokeless flame thanks to advanced technology
  • No more bad smells and headaches associated with heating
  • Safe for commercial indoor applications
  • Provides a convenient, secondary heat source when your main heat source is not available
  • Compatible with mechanical or battery-operated wall thermostats
  • Built rugged tough in Janesville, WI
  • Professional sales from your friends at Murphy Coal & Oil Co.

Ready to start heating your industrial space with Sunfire Heaters? Reach out to us today, and get a purchase quote.

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