At Murphy Coal & Oil Co., we want to make sure that your waste oil furnace is operating in top-notch condition all season long. Like all heating equipment, even though EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces are top-rated equipment, they may sometimes need part replacements.

T/Stat Wire Assembly


T/Stat Wire Assembly



T/Stat Wire Assembly

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You can count on us to supply parts and accessories to help ensure that your furnace is operating at full capacity. Heating requirements for each type of furnace are unique, which is why you can depend on our experienced technicians to assist and explain to you what parts your furnace needs to be running at peak performance.


Waste Oil Furnace Part Replacements

EnergyLogic is a trusted brand known for its high-quality parts, and these innovative waste oil heaters help to lift the burden of waste oil and transform it into an asset for your company.

We’re able to provide all common components and parts necessary for the operation of your EnergyLogic waste oil furnace. It’s also important to remember that regular maintenance and the timely replacement of worn or damaged parts are essential to ensuring both the efficiency and longevity of your waste oil furnace.

Whether you need a minor part replacement or have something bigger in mind, we’ll do our best to ensure you receive the best deal on parts. Some signs that your waste oil furnace may need a new part could include decreased efficiency, unusual noises, short cycling, increased fuel consumption, inconsistent temperature, visible damage, and more. Have your waste oil furnace inspected by one of our experienced technicians if you think it may need a new part.

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At Murphy Coal & Oil Co., we’re proud to serve Massachusetts and Rhode Island commercial businesses with reliable heating service. Our commercial customers enjoy professional installation, service, and maintenance for EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces, affordable Hunter and MacroAir HVLS fans, and Sunfire Heaters.